When a writer gives their audience ship teases, but never makes the ship canon 



Jess will always be my favorite of Rory’s boyfriends

"when you undress her, do so slowly. top to bottom. tuck her hair that usually perfectly frames her face behind her ears because that night there is no need for her to hide, while telling her how much you want her. do not wait till she is unclothed to call her beautiful, tell her as you move your hands to her waist as if sculpting the very definition of perfection. never break eye contact as you use one hand to trace the terrains of her collar bones. Kiss her lightly on the edges of her face, avoid her waiting lips, don’t forget to kiss behind the ears. use your nimble fingers to unbutton her blouse and run your tongue hesitantly down the curvature of her breasts. do not utter another word besides to breathe her name as you work your way down to her jeans. be gentle as you undo her pants, for bruises bloom on her hip bones from wearing her belt too tightly in hopes of making her waist appear slimmer. suck on them as if you could swallow the self hatred away. Tug her pants off with even pace. softly place your hand between the inside of her thighs and let it rest there as you finally meet her parted lips with your own. let your tongue be the messenger of your soul. she will understand its language and your profession of love. remove her intimates with quick fingers as she begins to undress you. and as you break apart to gasp for air, promise her broken soul your own, before closing the deal by making love."

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i’m still pissed off about growing up

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